Camping Can Be Comfy

Camping should be fun, not a sacrifice.

Roughing it out is meant to exhilarate and at the same time, relax you. You would want to come home happily anticipating your next trip, not blurting ” Never Again!”

You can bring a bit of comfort from your home to your campsite by checking out the following tips:

  1. Get Ready

Going to a place far and away will need some preparations. You don’t want to run out of food unless you can shoot rabbits or climb trees. Take the time to make sure everything you might need is available, you’re not sure where the nearest 7-11 might be.

  1. Charge!

Being out there can be quite daunting without some gadgets that’ll come in handy for emergencies. Your mom will worry no end if she tries to call your dead phone. Bring along a charger and feel more confident about being away from it all. It wouldn’t take much space in your backpack, anyway.

  1. Sleep Tight

After a day of wild adventures, there’s nothing better than to rest your sleepyheads in a comfy and sturdy tent. Browse through and pick one out that will best suit your needs. Equip it with a cushiony sleeping pad (the terrain could be tough), and a snuggly sleeping bag and you’re off to the most fantastic adventures in your dreams.

  1. Light It Up

Finding your way in the dark in unfamiliar territory is quite daunting if not outright scary. You never know what you might step on or bump upon.

Keep a lantern on for safety purposes, finding your way to the bathroom or just grabbing something you might suddenly need.

  1. American TentClean As You Go

If you are going to a particular campsite for the first time, you may not know what to expect with regard to bathing facilities. It’s better to be prepared with quick clean things that would prevent you from leaving for home just because you need a bath real bad. Some towels, wet wipes, alcohol, and soap could save you that unexpected trip.

In addition, bring some trash bins to make sure your spot does not become an attraction for unwelcome little wild animals scavenging for leftovers.

  1. Great Food and Drinks

Having an ice-cold drink after sweating it out is a glorious feeling whether you’re home or far from it. A cooler chest filled with ice and your favorite drinks coupled with a cool breeze will make the outdoors feel more refreshing.

And while you enjoy your favorite drink, wouldn’t it be grand if you can have food worth trekking for, too?  A small campfire is capable of grilling a juicy slab of steak, too. Bon Appétit!