What are the rules of playing an online dota 2 shooting game?

An online multiplayer game that is gaining so much fame is an online Dota 2. It is recently launched on the internet and developed by a Californian company. It is now available throughout the world. Anyone can participate in the game from anywhere. Like other multiplayer games on the internet is also available for free. Some websites are offering the game for downloading into your PCs that have a genuine licensed from a game developed company. The one limitation with this game is to play it only on the window PC.

You cannot download and play the game on your phone till now. But, by updating the game with advanced technology, you should make sure that we will play the game on our smartphone very soon. To play the game your internet connection on the PC must be continuous without any interruption because it is a multiplayer game. For supporting the players, many Dota 2 boost service agencies are working on providing professional and semi-professional players who help them in climbing the competitive ladder.

The Game

It is a multiplayer shooting game that takes place between two opposite teams. Each team has five players in it. One team role for attacking their opponent whiles the other acts as a defender. The role of a player in a game is decided by themselves at the beginning. They also choose the ability, strength, and weapon at the starting of the game. The size of a game file is not heavy. In fact, it is lighter than other online shooting game. A match has a total of twenty-five rounds in which a winning team must catch thirteen rounds into their favour. The role of all attackers is to plant a bomb anywhere in a site that eliminates all the players on the defender side.

Both teams are playing against each other with having certain objectives and strengths.  All the defenders must save the planted bomb or work to diffuse them. In total twenty-five rounds, each round has hundred seconds to complete the task. A game economy system also exists in which players can earn cash and they spend this amount on buying improved weapons and capabilities. They win a prize in winning the game. It is very simple to understand that a player has a better weapon as more as they win more rounds. It is a very interesting shooting game with a simple rule of playing.