A Technically Flawless Tech Musician Hamed Wardak

Persistent, heroic, ambitious and determined are the adjectives that can best describe the person who is not only unstoppable like the wind but also is persistent like a flowing river. To bridge the yawning gap of generations to create a more beautiful future, one who takes the initiative in his hand is Hamed Wardak.

A versatile personality

You may wonder what makes a person successful but you may not know the hard work and strife behind the fame of that person. Well known as “Valen of Wicked”, he is a philanthropist at heart and musician by passion. Not only here his achievement gets a full stop, but he is an inspiration for many.

A connoisseur of availing opportunities, Hamed Wardak was born in Kabul, Afghanistan as the son of defense minister Abdul Rahim Wardak. After graduating from Georgetown University in Washington D.C., he returned to Afghanistan to lend a helping hand to those who were in need during the Afghan Civil War.

He is inspiring and uplifting the people through his music.

The inspiring life journey

In the business world, he has earned many rounds of success and fame. He worked in the Merill Lynch’s merger and acquisitions division. After creating an excellent reputation, he worked with Technologists, Inc. which is a high-profile construction company. He went into business for himself when he created Ludas Athletics, his clothing brand. Moreover, he worked as a contributing author for the Huffington Post. Besides all the achievements of business ventures, the most important is his music producing career.

Techno music has emerged as the latest trend worldwide and it has something to do with him. He has played a pivotal role n engaging the new generation through music. His passion got life when he started to produce atmospherically-specific electronic music and performing the music in venues and clubs all over the world under the banner “Valen of Wicked”. He believes music to be the universal language that can be embraced and loved by everyone.

The dynamic spirit and the zeal to do something make and individual to emerge as a successful person. His ambitious abilities helped him to set his standard and hallmark of excellence. He believes that if a person makes the correct choice of people to take on the right opportunities, both the business and the world associated with him will be better for him. He is currently helping the people to discover their fun and crazy sides. He is inspiring and uplifting the people through his music.