What’s The Use Of Fascia blaster In Our Day To Day Life?

In the recent years, fascia treatment has explored a lot. It is a self-treatment massaging tool that reduces pain and cellulite and helps in loosening the fascia, the connective tissue that is present in the muscles and organs. It is designed, manufactured and engineered by Ashley Black. Some research has also reported that many users claim that fasciablaster has some side effects that causes bruising and increased pain.

fascia treatment


This tool is very easy to use and have proved one of the best self-massaging tools that allow deep massage to our tissue.Fascia blaster helps in temporarily decreasing the visual appearance of cellulite and you can notice the difference just after one week. After few months of using this tool you can feel a complete change in your legs as your legs will become smoother and fully toned in appearance. You can also use this while in shower as it will allow to glide the skin.


Make sure not to use it for a long time as it can cause chronic inflammation in the body and will increase the level of cortisol consistently over a period of time. Hence, it will increase the fat deposition in the body and causes weight gain. Do not use too vigorously as your skin can become inflamed and it will be hard for you too bear the pain.

Hence, fascia manipulation has become a trending in the health and wellness realm. You can use it depending upon the level of your comfort and if you want the results soon then use it regularly and eliminates the cellulite to good effect. Some people have experienced the best use of fascia while some has gone through with some side effects depending upon the body type.