Review of Gourmia GMF600 Mini Fridge

Gourmia GMF600 is a portable mini fridge that has enough space for at least 6 cans of standard size. It can have a Bluetooth speaker in its door and makes use of environmentally friendly technology. According to mini fridge reviews, this is one of the best mini fridges to buy for the office, home, car, boat use. It is sleek and affordable and keeps drinks and food cool as well as warm.

Features to look out for:

Price: it is having a nominal price of just $45 and comes with the option of Bluetooth speaker. If you choose the one without the speaker it will come even cheaper.

Color: it comes in a black color option.

Bluetooth speaker: this is a cool feature included which is not found in many portable mini-fridges. This speaker has Bluetooth capabilities so can connect with any phone or device or any music streaming app while you are on a camping trip.

Door latches: most mini appliances have the issue of the door swinging open but with a latch, it prevents this issue. Even if you are traveling in the car or van it will stay closed and there is not a chance of things getting tossed out of it when you are taking a sharp turn.

mini fridge reviews

Not ideal for high temperature: the fridge makes use of thermoelectric cooling which is eco-friendly but not ideal for very hot temperatures. This cooling system can keep things cool in average conditions so you should consider this before you buy the product.

On the product, it is mentioned that it can keep the stuff 32 degrees cooler as compared to the surrounding temperature. So if your outside temperature is 100 degrees then your soda would be at 70 degrees.

Has a car plugin: it has all the accessories to make it ideally portable. The plugin can be even used with a cigarette lighter and so it can be taken on road trips without hassle.

Warmer: there is a switch in the mini-fridge that can keep the food warm instead of cooling. Make sure that the food you want to keep warm is already heated before placing it in the warmer. This switch is located in the back area of the fridge.

The fan of the fridge is quiet and it is a durable product according to mini fridge reviews of hundreds of customers that have purchased this product. It has good size for a portable fridge and the cooler and warmer works well.