Health benefit of wearing bra |Myths vs. Facts|

 When most of the population prefers to choose comfort above health, these choices affect habits too. When a bra or not is a personal choice, but learning the benefits of wearing a bra is no harmful as well. Here is some clear picture from myths vs. facts:

Not wearing a bra for a long time can damage the posture of the back & shoulder and the shape of busts, and these two are not the only troublesome. Not wearing a bra for a long time affects the back support bras posture and makes the bust loose shape as lack of support from beneath allows gravity to work more effectively.

Not to wear a bra while sleeping                                                                                                   

70% of women will admit that in their teenage at least twice or thrice they have been told that sleeping without a bra at night is beneficial for busts. Well, it is partially true as it allows more blood and oxygen circulation to the breasts, shoulder, neck, and of course the head.

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Everyday bra                                                                                                                                     

If one is an everyday user of a bra, they need to have separate pairs of daily use cotton bras, cotton bras are soft to the skin and breathable allows more air to the chest maintaining ventilation for the upper body.

But again it has its cons as well, if one tends to sleep without a bra for a longer run may damage the shape, as back support bras posture without posture busts may lose shape and lead to back pain.

There are a lot of scientific researches which prove wearing a bra is beneficial to health, some contradicts. Everybody is made different and deserves special care and love, don’t push to researches or science, try with self and decide what is good, which allows the body to grow better and healthy.