The Duty Of A Law Enforcement Department With TheNational Police Association 

It is a non-profit organization established to train the supporters of crime prevention and law enforcement department, to help the police departments to achieve their goals. They work in bringing out public support for actions required for legal filings, public service announcements, and also by bringing people’s attention towards anti-police struggles confronting the active law enforcement. The National Police Association is entirely supported by the contribution of individual and other organizations.

What are the parts of the police department?

There are two main groups in the police department – a detective group and a patrol group.

  • A detective is a group of police officers whose investigation is based on more complex cases. These cases involve homicide, illegal drugs smuggling, fraud, human trafficking, prostitution and rape.
  • A patrol is a group of officers that travel through the area. Their means of travel may vary from foot, or motorcycle, or on a bicycle, or a car. The cars and bikes have sirens that make a loud noise.

The names of these departments differ from country to country.

National Police Association

Duties of the police

  • They must implement and uphold the law impartially.
  • To maintain public order.
  • To prevent terrorist activity and protect internal security.
  • They have to protect the public by preventing crimes. Patrolling through the areas often helps in stopping some criminal activity.
  • They must respond to the crime immediately.
  • They must investigate the crime meticulously.
  • They must arrest and take the suspect into custody for further interrogation.
  • They must also help with issues and emergency that is not a violation.
  • They must protect public properties against vandalism and defacing any federal property.

Duties of NPA

  • They sanction local law enforcement to work on the function of federal immigration law implementation.
  • The National Police Association execute several projects for reducing the murder percentage by prosecuting belligerent gun offences.
  • They also put up a private and public surveillance camera network. It is controlled by private individuals and industries with council cameras to increase resources.
  • They also organized projects to keep the neighbourhood safe by prosecuting violent organizations.

They issue tools for regional law enforcement like legal back up to shield the legal methods that law enforcement police need to carry out their job adequately by educating people on the police approach, for generating community assistance for law enforcement. Community support is very important for police to execute their job.