A garage door maybe large or small depending upon their use. A large garage door over a garage opens manually or by an electric motor system .Garage doors are used in various sectors like agricultural, Commercial and Or residential purpose. The  operating mechanism is either spring loaded Counterbalance to decrease the weight of the door and reduce the motor or human effort to operate the door .Some garage doors open sideways or Swing horizontally . Usually doors are made of wood, fiberglass or metal and there may be insulated to prevent the heat loss or may not be insulated. Bus garages, locomotive sheds, warehouse have larger versions of garage doors. Here is canadian garage doors manufacturer with supplies long lasting doors since 75 years. They offer sectional or rolling garage doors.

canadian garage doors manufacturer

2.    Things to be known about garage doors

·         Garage door construction   it is usually made of layer construction of steel or layer construction of steel insulation or sandwich off steel insulation steel

·         All this types of garage doors are offered by canadian garage doors manufacturer.

·         Garage door components  it is made of hinges, tracks, springs. garage doors are balanced by extinction springs or by torsion.

·         Extension springs are fixed about that horizontal track which is perpendicular to closed door. Whereas torsion springs are attached about the closed door but parallel to the top section of door.

·         In order to prevent wind or rain entering, garage doors are fixed with a winner bottom weather shield attached by aluminum retainer this rain and wind cannot enter inside

·         As the garage doors are made of polyurethane insulation hello which provides 100% insulation efficiency and provide structural strength, integrity, soundproofing.

3.    Garage doorscare and safety

·         If the environmental conditions are normal for every six months the door should be cleaned with mild soaps and water they should be washed both exterior and interior and rinse thoroughly. Never ever use harsh chemicals or abrasive agents

·         lubricate garage door hinges and tracks with Teflon or silicone based sprays. Never ever use oil based lubricants or grease. then close and open the garage doors to lubricate the lubricant.

·         If any rust appears immediately contact the local dealer for inspection and repair the garage door.

·         And for every 12 months one has to check torsion springs are there are in any extreme tension. Call the local dealer and get it done