Everything you need to know about Immitranslate

Document translation plays an important role whenever a company gets into a contract with an international company. The reason behind getting a document translated is that in each country, a contract has a certain format and a certain language in which the people are comfortable, so having translated is the best option to understand all the terms and conditions into business. Not only for businesses but also in general life, one person can have a need of translating any kind of document.

Well, Immitranslate is one such platform that offers services of translations. Now they offer a wider range of services to the people, which makes them and calling one solution for your translation needs. They offer their services in almost all kind of translation that a person may require. Moreover, if we speak about their pricing model, it is also quite simple and somewhat reasonable as well.

Services that the company offers

When it comes to translation, they offer their services in various types. They offer certified translations, notarized translations, and business translations. To have services for specialized translation in which they provide three type of translations, which includes USCIS translations, ECFMG translations, and IRCC translations. Not only this, but they also provide translation as per the industry sector as well. This categorization can make it easy for a person to find their desired service and get it done. In terms of industries, they have seven types of translation they provide. These industries translation or certified ones and includes the following industries:

Document translation

  • Mobility
  • Government
  • Immigration
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Academic
  • Medical

All these translations are certified, and they are also valid globally.

The process of getting your document translated is also very easy. To get started, you can follow the given steps:

  1. To begin with, after placing your order, you can upload documents or images with the help of your computer or even a mobile phone. To upload the documents, you can follow the options that are visible. You will also find some options as per your requirement so that you can select those, and you can also add some options later on.
  2. Once the document is uploaded, their team will initiate the process of translation at that very moment. If in the procedure they have any query or any challenge, they will ask you with the help of an email.
  3. Once you receive the translated document, you can review it, and if needed, you can also request for a revision.
  4. Once you approve the translation, it is certified automatically and will be valid to be used at all. The physical copies of the same translated document, which will be notarized will reach you very soon.