Get Premium Luxury Vinyl Plank in Hendersonville at Affordable Prices


Vinyl flooring has become one of the favorite flooring materials of people. The main reason for their immense popularity is the premium quality of the material at pocket-friendly prices. They are extensively used in making the floors of moisture-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms. These types of floors are made by fabricating long planks. They can quickly and efficiently mimic expensive wooden, ceramic, and stone floors. Thus, you can get premium-quality luxury vinyl plank in Hendersonville at affordable prices.


Luxury Vinyl Plank is a type of vinyl flooring. They are manufactured in a unique way as compared to other types of vinyl floors. It is a flooring product that contains multiple layers of ply. The four essential layers of Luxury Vinyl Plank floors are-

  • First layer/ Topmost Layer– It is made up of the chemical aluminum oxide. The primary role of this layer is to confer scratch and stain-resistant quality. It is specially designed to prevent scratches and scuffs.
  • Second Layer– It consists of a transparent film. It provides a strong resistance to harsh wear and tears. It also prevents the ripping of the material.
  • Third Layer– It is the most critical layer of the Luxury Vinyl Planks that helps in mimicking the exact looks of expensive floors. This layer is known as the “Design Layer” because it contains photographs of wood, ceramic tiles, or stone floors to provide a photo-realistic look of expensive floors.
  • Bottom Layer/ Last Layer– This is the backing layer of Luxury Vinyl Planks. It is the thickest layer consisting of more than ninety percent of the total thickness of the plank. It is the most rigid material that confers strength to the floor.


The benefits are-

  • Pocket-Friendly Price– The Luxury Vinyl Flooring is budget friendly and provides a premium look to the interior decorum of your home. They are cheaper than other expensive types of flooring but confer a beautiful look and strength to the floors.
  • Easy to Maintain– This is the most attractive feature of this type of floor. They can be cleaned easily with a broom, cleaning pads, or mops. It can be repaired quickly in case of any wear and tear.


Hundreds of designs, colors, and patterns of Luxury Vinyl Floors are available in the market. It can effectively mimic any flooring, like hardwood flooring or ceramic flooring. It offers a complete illusion of expensive floors at budget-friendly prices.