Get to know about top YouTube channel

If you are aware you tube videos then you will obviously know about 5-Minutes Craft. The videos from this channel will give you a clear idea of doing things in short duration. They are most popular among YouTube as well as they have most subscribers. They were the first media to hit 100 billion views worldwide. They were at the top compared to Disney, Viacom or Warner Media. Then this company moved into memes with basic posting pictures, fun facts and sunny stories without videos. They started their frist operations in 2015 and later TheSoul Publishing shifted to online videos by launching some DIY channels in Bright Side.

However the 5-Minute Crafts will provide you family-friendly crafts and life hacks. After that they have launched short-video content which includes viral hit channels. They give contents like prank, challenges, and short-form comedy also inn another channel they give narrated by pink, DIY science and experiments. In addition in 2021 the TheSoul Publishing was the ninth most-subscribed channel on YouTube.

TheSoul Publishing

We can also hope that they will be inspiring to build platform reaching billions and billions of fans. Other channels also started their growth by trying out their ideas. They can also be proud that many small channels are also growing with the ideas used here.

However, ideas in 5-Minutes Crafts are more useful and it worked as well. The life hacks are useful in your embarrassing situation. To handle that situation they will give you some tips and ideas. This idea was unique when they reached the social media. Later with this unique idea they reached the sky. If you are new to YouTube, if you need some entertainment then you can watch the videos in 5-Minutes Crafts. This will be helpful in your life as well as most of the videos are DIY.