The 5 Amazing Facts About Soul Publishing Company

5-minute crafts, 123go, Brightside, etc, are some of the most-watched channels on the big social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, and youtube. But does anyone know which company is running all these amazing DIY channels?

Well, it is TheSoul Publishing house that has captured the whole social media channel with its amazing and engaging content. So, in this short article, some 5 amazing facts are going to be delivered anywhere online.

Who are these Soul Publishers?

The Soul publishers are the online media house publishing company that runs multiple channels online or on any social media platform. In a short span, the media has reached billions of subscribers on all social media platforms.

The company is known for providing quality and original DIY crafts videos, beauty tips, puzzles, and other entertainment videos. Currently, the publishers have 11 most popular channels and they are as follows:

⦁ 5-Minute Crafts (DIY videos)
⦁ Bright Side (Scifi hacks)
⦁ 7-Second Riddles ( Riddle videos)
⦁ 123 Go! (beauty tips, life hacks, etc)
⦁ La La Life (Funny Music Videos)
⦁ Teen-Z (Animated videos)
⦁ Avocado Couple (Animated videos)
⦁ Frankenfood ( Unique cooking videos)
⦁ Slick Slime Sam (Entertainment videos)

Let’s not waste time with the company’s whereabouts and move forward with the article.

The 5 hidden facts of The Soul

To gain popularity on the Internet these days is not easy. Thousands of tips and tricks should be taken into count while uploading any content. However, discovering out some facts is interesting, aren’t they? Well, here is the list of hidden facts:

TheSoul Publishing

All of TheSoul Publishing channels run in 19 different languages:

All the channels have been globally viewed and recognized due to one significant reason. All of them run in 19 different languages.

⦁ The contents are not restricted to any age

There are no age restrictions on any of the channels and all age groups can comfortably watch all of the contents.

⦁ They have 644 million global viewers

In the year 2020, the publishing company got 644 million global viewers and topped on the Tubular awards.

⦁ All of the contents are unique

As mentioned, all of the channel content is unique and engaging. Their quality always comes on top.

⦁ The former name of Soul was AdMe

At first, the company was named AdMe which was determined to serve as a digital advertising company.

⦁ Their international headquarter is in Cyprus

Their company headquarters was shifted in Cyprus from Russia in 2016 due to the rising popularity.

This was all about the Soul Media house that is everyone’s favorite channel to watch while surfing social media. So, the hidden facts were indeed interesting, aren’t they?