Important points about steel patio covers

Terraces are roofed not only with structures made of wood or aluminum, but also with an attractive and elegant appearance of steel. Such roofs have advantages that screened in porch in Rochester, NY other materials and open up interesting design options. However, the material also has certain requirements that must be taken into account when purchasing a steel patio roof.

Particularities of the material and the construction

  • very high strength, stability and robustness
  • Unlike wood or aluminum, steel does not require thick or bulky supports such as posts or beams for the high spacing of large canopies
  • Due to the stability, large-area canopies with large spans as well as free-standing constructions can also be realized
  • Steel is usually more expensive than other materials, but it is extremely weather -resistant , which means it has a long service life
  • the luxury variant is high-quality stainless steel high charisma and resistance to corrosion and weather

Steel structure requirements

  • When choosing, it is important to ensure that the material has a high-quality and professionally applied protective layer.
  • Steel is usually coated with zinc, but an aluminum-zinc coating provides significantly better protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Stainless steel does not require any coating or metallic coatings, but attention should be paid to appropriate quality and suitability
  • Steel roofs can also be powder coated and painted with paint
  • Connectors should also be made of stainless steel or a non-rusting , corrosion-resistant material
  • in the case of terrace canopies , the canopy should be constructed in such a way that no waterlogging can occur on the pillars and supports
  • Steel structures are very heavy due to the high weight of the material, which means that assembly usually requires professional support

Design variety of the construction

Due to the robustness and strength, both a flat roof construction such as a pent roof and shapes such as gabled roofs are suitable for the patio roof.

There is no other material that offers such perfect harmony as a roof covering like glass, numerous other roof coverings with suitable materials, such as transparent plastics and opaque variants such as wooden covers as well as tiles. A green roof with plants is also an attraction for a steel patio roof, decorative forged trellis for climbing plants, decorative posts and cast iron elements  are also suitable for an interesting ornate style. There are also many options for the color design.