Sectors that are being moved because of fintech

There are a lot of sectors where fintech is shining and these examples are rays of hope your us to look forward. In this article, we are going to talk about some of these sectors where we can find fintech. Click here to know about mobile wallet.

Fintech areas or sectors

What sectors are part of this digital revolution in the services of the banking and financial sector? The list is long and within the areas or sectors of Fintech we can find, among others:

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking services, which are the most widespread and known and allow us to make purchases with our smartphone. In dev loping countries specially in India and Bangladesh we can see mobile wallet which ensures the reach of financial services even in the remotest part of the country via mobile phone. Visit this site to know about mobile wallet.

Cryptocurrency wallet

Cryptocurrency or alternative currencies, whose best-known case is Bitcoin that uses Blockchain technology support. Cryptocurrency based fintech companies can transform the financial sector like never before.


ICT services and financial advisory platforms

ICT platforms and services for the automation of payments and bank transfers by companies.Startups related to risk and capital management or those related to the foreign exchange market (Forex).


Crowdfunding or micromanagement platforms that allow the financing of projects of all kinds through their publication on websites that seek the contribution of investors and that can be presented under the modality of:

  • Donation (investors do not receive any consideration).
  • Reward (investors receive a product or service for their support).

Crowdlending that refers to the possibility that this contribution is made under the modality of loan with interest between individuals, also known as P2B Lending.

Equity Crowdfunding that contemplates that the investor becomes part of the shareholding of the company he supports financially.