The Landscaping Ideas in Milwaukee

As a business owner in the Milwaukee region, you face stiff competition when it comes to curbing appeal. Having multi-billion dollar budgets for theme parks and high-end retailers located one after another in some areas of the city is raising the bar for anyone in a commercial business. To grab the attention of passing motorists in your air-conditioned vehicles with tinted windows, you need a WOW factor that goes beyond signage. Whether people realize it or not, plants can add flavor to your display cases.

Great pizza, terrible gardener

If you are a successful entrepreneur, you are probably well versed in your business niche; you will have to become one to survive in today’s tough economy. However, you cannot be a super gardener. This is where commercial landscaping companies come to the rescue. It is an investment worth enhancing the appearance of your business, real estate, and other commercial properties by hiring a commercial landscaping designer.

commercial landscaper

What your commercial landscaper can do for you

Landscaping isn’t just about planting annuals and turning on the sprinkler. Landscapes in places with heavy traffic, such as shopping malls, shopping centers, and pedestrianized squares, are selected intentionally or not. Hiring a commercial landscaper can give you the confidence that anything that happens to your property will be fixed quickly and efficiently. These are just a few of the things that commonly happen in commercial landscapes: graffiti, sprinkler spray, sprinklers, stolen plants, insect infestation, trash, fallen leaves, hurricane damage, and more. Commercial landscape designers will take care of each of these situations to help you express yourself in the best possible way.

Permissions and more

One good reason to hire a landscaper certified by FNGLA like Earth Development, the governing body for commercial landscapers, is that your certified commercial landscaping contractor will know what permits are required for a new installation, as well as municipal regulations and restrictions for landscaping. A certified commercial landscaping company will also have all the insurance, pesticide licenses, and training necessary to keep you and your clients safe and happy. Building a sidewalk is more than just putting a few bricks in the sand.