How to Use the Boob Tapes to Cover Your Bust

Only the proper dressing will make the people feel confident, and especially, women care a lot about their outfits. The Boob tape for women, a perfect alternative for the strap bras, is getting popular among people, as they design it has a prolonged contact with skin to lift the breast. They are available as,

  • Sports Tape is for the athletes to avoid any injuries related to sports.
  • Gaffer Tape is to hold the bust stronger, and most preferred by women in the entertainment world, and celebrities.
  • Flash Tape is much suitable for low-cut dresses and avoids unnecessary bust flashing.Women bra tape

When you are planning to use it, do a patch test to check whether your skin does not have any issues with the glues used in the tapes. To test it, leave the tape on the skin for a day, and if you feel any irritation, remove it and redness is normal for people with sensitive skin, and they don’t need to worry about it. If you don’t have any issues with the patch test, you can start using it, and for that clean the bust well and it should be dry. If there are any oils or water, the glue will not stick to the skin.

Measure the length you need to cover the bust and trim the tape, and lift the breast carefully, and apply the tape. You can repeat the same procedure for another bust, and if you want to prevent the nipple, you can use the nipple cover or the cotton pad. You can peel it off easily with boiling water or shower, and even though if you feel hard, use olive oil.

As a beginner, you need to practice a lot by wearing it before moving out of your home, avoid wearing it too tight or loose, and use the water-proof tapes while doing heavy works or gym workouts.