FUN – An iGaming Token With Incredible Potential

Over the previous 5 years, hundreds of ‘crypto casinos’ have cropped up. They are safe, provably fair, as well as just as feature-rich as a usual online casino.

Leading the charge is, one of the biggest bitcoin gaming websites plus the seventh-biggest online casino in the world (mentioning to their traffic statistics through SimilarWeb). The platform serves over 41+ million players every day, giving them a fully crystal clear and automatic platform toward play and win.

FUN is an ERC20 token that represent the core of the FunFair technology ecology. Created in 2017, FunFair is the principal provider of blockchain-powered casino technology toward the iGaming sector. It is transparent, fast, and tremendously developer-friendly.

And is doing its part toward unlock the prospective of online gaming by integrating FUN Tokens into its ecology during a Premium Membership Program. is incentivizing its 41 million listed users to obtain FUN Tokens by presenting premium benefits similar to free spins, cashback rewards, interest payments on Bit coin savings etc.

prospective of online gaming

What this would do: getting 41 million users toward adopts and use FUN Token is an enormous step towards achieve crypto’s objective of mass adoption. As well, a considerable head start like this would go a long way in creating the online gaming space safer plus more transparent.

Furthermore, this enormous boosts in demand and’s $600 million yearly wagering volume is set to increase FUN Token’s price exponentially, making it a potentially long-standing investment chance.

The transparency plus provably fair nature of blockchain as well as cryptocurrencies would draw in more public into the online gaming industry. With the increase of platforms like, it is only a matter of time beforehand the online gaming business completely adopts blockchain.

And when a trendy platform similar to accepts a token like FUN, its boost in demand and value is the ideal driver for higher adoption plus use of cryptocurrency, unlocking the industries prospective.