Here is what you need to know about garage doors

While it is frequently ignored, your garage door is an important part of your home’s appeal. This is given that front-facing garages are often the first item noticed by those driving past your house or guests parking into your driveway. It affects the entire appearance of your home’s exterior. If you have an attached garage, it will be helpful. Here are the four most common styles of garage doors in Canada.


  • These doors are a simple design that is ideal for limited ceiling space, and they are more typically found in commercial areas than in homes.
  • A roll-up door is made up of multiple 2-3 inch broad parts that roll around a drum above the garage door opening. They are also known as coiling doors, and they are built to withstand more use.
  • The high-performance can be springless or spring-loaded, or they can avoid rust, freezing, or corrosion damage. Because of their heavy-duty nature, roll-up garage doors sometimes have a greater initial cost than sectional doors.


  • These garage doors are a traditional style that includes a hinged frame on one side of the door opening that allows the door to swing open and closed.
  • Side-hinged doors are typically made of wood and have the appearance of enormous barn doors.
  • However, side-hinged steel doors are becoming increasingly popular, and there are numerous commercial versions available.
  • Side-hinged doors can also be automated with the use of specific conversion arms.


  • The sectional garage door is made up of many panel parts that are joined together with hinges. When you open or close the garage door, the wheels around the edges roll down a vertical track on both sides of the door’s opening.
  • The hinges on each panel bend over a curved piece of the track, allowing the door to be in line with the walls while closed and parallel to the ceiling when open.
  • A sectional garage door is often made of steel, and its appearance can be of various textures and colors. It is a low-maintenance gate that is available.

If you are thinking about upgrading your garage door or installing a new garage, you need to be cautious while selecting the garage doors in Canada that are most suited to your property. You must select the material, color, finish, and other parameters, but first, you must select a kind.