Roof Cleaning – Nothing But the Facts Please

Every year the shingles in your home face the wrath of nature and, if neglected, start to look shabby or worn. The roof begins to look ugly and old as moss, mold, and tree sap collect on the shingles.

Most homeowners only care about cleaning the walls, floors, windows and doors of their home and have a view of the rooftops. This is because the ceiling is out of your sight, so they are out of your mind.

There are three reasons why you should consider cleaning our roof. There are three main benefits of cleaning your roof:

The aesthetic value is increased:

Moss, mold, stains and dirt build up over time, destroying the appearance of the roof and the entire home. With a regular cleaning routine, you can easily contain these destructive elements.

Early detection of damage:

While the cleaning process is underway, you are sure to find some minor damage that has occurred due to weather conditions, aging, and other factors.

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Roof lifespan is extended:

After the cleaning process is complete, you can also prime and paint the shingles to prevent further accumulation of dirt and moss. Ultimately, this leads to an increase in the life of the roofing material and structure.

Using chemicals when cleaning the ceiling:

Ceilings are often cleaned with various chemicals applied to them, then left on for a short period of time, and then washed with a pressure washer. Just Clean Property Care is fully aware and has in-depth knowledge of the chemicals that will be used in the cleaning process. These chemicals are safe to use, environmentally friendly, and very effective in cleaning and degreasing.

Roof cleaning methods:

The cleaning process requires professional skills and experience. Here are some methods that a professional cleaning company will use to clean your ceiling:

  • Initial pressure wash: This is the first step in the cleaning process where a pressure washer is used to remove debris, leaves, dirt, insects, etc. An experienced cleaner will apply the comb with water running up the gutter. After that, the ceiling is allowed to dry completely.
  • Chemical treatment: a second washing stage is carried out, but with lower water pressure and using a chemical mixture that is sprayed all over the ceiling. The chemical seeps into the tiny pores in the top layer of the roof, loosening deeply attached debris.
  • Final Rinse: The final stage of the final rinse is done to remove and rinse off chemicals and dirt. The process is a bit complicated and only an experienced professional can remove dirt and stains that have built up over the years.

An experienced roof cleaning professional will make her home almost like new. Cleaning companies usually cover the entire cleaning process inside or outside the home.