The Things You Should Consider When Purchasing a Door Screen Magnetic Closure

Screen doors are essential to your house, especially if you want to open up your doors while keeping unwanted bugs out. It will help your house look and feel fresh since air is circulating inside while bringing the foul odor out. In addition, it keeps your house cool since it brings down the temperature, which is very useful during the hot summer days. They are like curtains, which have a magnet in the middle that allows them to close securely. Then, you can simply go in and out of your house by parting the two sides.

A door screen magnetic closure is also perfect for your pets. They can easily part the two sides of these screen doors, and they will also close automatically due to the powerful magnetic strips sewn at the seams. But what are the other things you need to consider before buying a magnetic screen door? Read on to find out more about these fantastic doors here!

door screen magnetic closure

An Easy & Efficient Open & Close Feature

As mentioned above, you will want a magnetic screen door with powerful magnetic cubes and strips to be sewn on the seams of the doors. Fortunately, the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door is a brand that ensures that the powerful hold of the magnets can seamlessly and efficiently close the screen door, which almost makes the seams invisible. You will want these to be strategically placed into the center seam to ensure that they will close tightly even during windy seasons.

Easy Installation

Another feature you may want to reconsider when purchasing a magnetic screen door is its installation. First, you need to find out if you can install it easily without the need for power tools or if you still need those big guns for more laborious work. Some brands, such as the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door, can be installed instantly, with all hardware included. It also comes with a free video installation tutorial, ideal for those who are not that handy for work like these.

A Seamless In & Out Feature

The best part about the magnetic screen doors is that it offers a seamless in and out feature. That means you can just push the doors open with your shoulders, and it will close magically behind you. So it’s perfect for pets and kids who fail to close the doors behind them, which is an outstanding feature during high-traffic afternoons when you and the family are going out to your backyard to enjoy.


These are three things you need to consider when it comes to purchasing a magnetic screen door. It has to be easy to install, a seamless open and close specialty, and an in and out feature allowing you to go out quickly with no fuss!