Considering the translation above, we can say that business outsourcing is nothing more than the whole or partial outsourcing of the entire sales department of a company.

Smart Circle goal is to generate – continuously – new business opportunities, find new potential customers for any company engaged in any market sector.

Very often we come across projects with very strong potential: these are products / services with a perfect positioning on the market, but which struggle to acquire new and right customers.

Smart Circle

What’s wrong? What is not working?

There is nothing wrong!

The right structure is simply missing! Therefore a department that is able to start the delicate lead generation process and that is ready to follow the entire lead nurturing process with precision and consistency, up to the conversion into a customer.

In fact, to be able to grow your company you need valid resources, strongly oriented towards sales, able to:

  • work full time actively researching potential customers targeting your sales needs,
  • conduct cold calls on the same, seeking strategic information,
  • profile the most suitable decision-making figure,
  • make business appointments,
  • manage the follow-ups promptly and consistently until the contract is closed

These are just a few general steps a sales department should routinely take to increase a company’s sales. The latter need varies in relation to the reference market, to the product / service and to the most suitable sales process for the client company.

Increasing sales and growing your business is the result of a daily and constant process that works in a precise, timely and, above all, strategic way.


Having your sales force in outsourcing does not only mean entrusting “external” salespeople with the management of cognitive appointments and – hopefully – possible negotiations.

The outsourcing of your sales offices means outsourcing the WHOLE process: from the cold generation of new leads, to the delicate management of the first cognitive appointments, up to the achievement of the new customer. Entrusting this part to external consultant’s means choosing to:

  • make your company light and free of heavy fixed costs for personnel;
  • save time and money by opting for professionals already trained and with a long experience in different market sectors;
  • focus on developing other internal departments or other projects, while the expert sells for you!