Is Certified Document Translation Necessary?

The majority of individuals are unfamiliar with the term “certified translation.” They would only do so if they were planning to move to another country or apply to a foreign university. They must submit certified translations of all supporting documentation in these circumstances.

What is a Certified Translation?

A certified translation, in which the translator or translation services provider has signed a formal statement stating that the translation they are presenting is a truthful and accurate portrayal of the source text. When submitting legal documents, certified translations are commonly requested.

When is it needed?

Some sectors will demand additional confirmation of a document’s accuracy if it gets mandated by government regulation. These firms would require a certified document translation.

For a variety of corporate scenarios, certified document translation gets required. Mergers and acquisitions, financial statements, and corporate officer testimony are examples of this. These are also legal documents that become part of the company’s official files.


Certified translations get required in several highly regulated industries and produced using documented quality processes. Medical equipment production, for example, is a field that frequently requires translation certificates. These companies must keep meticulous records of the quality systems of their suppliers.

A 200-page medical equipment manual translation would almost certainly necessitate several products. A copy of the translation vendor’s ISO certificate, a project certificate, and a copy of the vendor’s quality manual are all examples of these documents.

When is it not necessary to obtain a certified translation?

Personal writing, marketing materials, and web content are unofficial documents that do not require certification. These should, however, get translated by a reliable source who can modify content for the new audience in the most accurate and culturally appropriate manner possible.

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