Interesting BTS quiz for a true Army fan

Do you reckon yourself as a die-hard fan of BTS or do you think of yourself as a true member of their army? Let’s introduce you to some unknown facts about members of the BTS army through this bts quiz. This will leave you baffled and you will also discover some new interesting facts about BTS. To explore more about them let’s now move on to some riveting queries based on BTS.

As everyone doesn’t need an introduction to what BTS is still for your prior knowledge BTS is a Korean K-pop band and stands for “bang sonyeondan” which in English means “bulletproof boy scouts”.

  • Who from BTS lived his teenage era in Australia?

        Answer: Jin.

  • What are the official members count in BTS?

        Answer: Seven.

  • Which album of BTS is the highest-selling to date?

        Answer: Map of the Soul: 7.

  • What is the real name of V’s?

        Answer: Kim Tae-Hyung.

  • When did BTS debut?

        Answer: In June 2013.

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  • What was their first show of variety?

        Answer: Rookie King: Channel Bang

  • Which member of BTS is popularly known as “Worldwide Handsome”?

        Answer: V (Kim Tae-Hyung).

  • Which BTS member is fluent in almost five languages?

        Answer: Rm.

  • What is the full form of RM?

        Answer: Rap Monster.

  • Who is the shortest of all the seven members of BTS?

        Answer: Jimin.


I hope this short and riveting quiz on BTS helped you to gain more details about them and if you are a true BTS fan this quiz will take you deeper into BTS.