Benefits of 3D mammogram in Fair Lawn, NJ

3D mammograms are quickly becoming the best way to detect breast cancer in its early stages. The technology is so precise that it can detect even the most minor changes in breast tissue with an accuracy rate of up to 98%. For women living in Fair Lawn, NJ, many places offer 3D mammogram services and screenings. Here’s a brief overview of all the benefits of 3D mammogram in Fair Lawn, NJ, and what you should expect when receiving this screening.

Earlier Detection

The most significant advantage of a 3D mammogram is that it allows for earlier detection of any potential breast issues. With a conventional 2D mammogram, it is harder to tell if something was missed, whereas with a 3D image, numerous layers, each 1 millimeter thick, are stacked atop one another, allowing for highly detailed images. It means doctors can examine the breasts from different angles and better judge shape or contour irregularities, which could indicate developing cancerous cells before they become visible in a traditional 2D image.

Lower Risk of False Positive Results

False positive results can occur with traditional mammogram screenings due to dense surrounding tissue. It makes reading them more complex and increases time outside between patient appointments. It often causes microvascular changes undetected through traditional imaging techniques. With 3D technology, radiologists can review multiple high-resolution slices at once, significantly decreasing false positives by filtering out benign tissue masses while rescanning any questionable areas repeatedly at no extra cost to the patient.

Less Painful and Stressful Procedure

3D scans take only a few moments – around 11 seconds versus 27 seconds on a standard scan – significantly reducing time spent under pressure during this procedure. It means less need for physical intervention to optimize image quality. It makes them much less uncomfortable than their 2d equivalent and avoids exposing patients to unnecessary radiation. It helps further reduce risks encountered during diagnosis or treatment planning. Additionally, these systems use sophisticated software algorithms developed from deep learning datasets designed explicitly for detection purposes meaning greater accuracy over manual inspections by trained professionals.

3D Mammography in Fair Lawn, NJ, offers numerous benefits compared to traditional screening approaches like earlier detection potentially lower false positive outcomes and decreased pain/stress interval during examination procedures. It highlights why this cutting-edge technology continues to revolutionize preventive care conducted today globally!