How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Blog: Tips for Growing Your Readership

Whether you’re an “influencer” on Instagram or just an avid user of the app, chances are you use it to promote your blog. But did you know that growing your readership is a matter of creating and posting the right content, at the right time? Check out these tips to get more followers and grow your blog.

Define Your Audience

The best way to create relevant content that is likely to appeal to your target audience is to define it. What are the expectations of your readers? What topics do they like to read about? How often should you post?

How Many Posts Per Day Is Ideal

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make on Instagram is posting too frequently, or posting at inopportune times. Infrequent posts may not attract enough followers because users don’t see them often enough, while posting at specific times can mean lost opportunity.  According to data provided by The Muse, the best number of posts per day is 2-3. Buying instagram likes from iDigic can help you build a sense of social proof, which can make your brand appear more popular and trustworthy.

Time Your Posts

To get your posts in front of readers, you need to time them right. The absolute best times to post to Instagram are between 12 pm and 5 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 5 pm on weekends, because these are the times when your potential audience is most active on the app – so if you want to gain followers, this is when you should post.

Use Hashtags

Instagram doesn’t have a search feature, so you can’t just type in a hashtag or mention it to try and pick up followers. But by adding hashtags to your posts, you can get your posts seen by more people.

Share Your Content on Other Social Networks

A great way to increase your Instagram following is by sharing content from other popular social networks with your readers. You will reach a larger audience by sharing your blog posts on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and other social networks.


Engage With Your Community

The key to growing your Instagram following is to engage with it. Following users who like your posts is a great way to bring more people into the fold, and commenting on their photos can help get you noticed.

Promote Your Blog

It’s no secret that Instagram is a highly visual medium, so it makes sense to promote your blog. If you post images from your blog on Instagram, you will find it easier to attract readers by using Instagram to promote your blog.

Create a Theme

Instagram doesn’t have an “about” section, so the best way to define who you are is with a theme for your account. A theme can be as simple as using certain colors or filters in all of your images.